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Sending Form Leads to Constant Contact

Ryan Engley
posted this on August 17, 2011, 12:31 PM

Unbounce allows you to easily send leads captured with an Unbounce form to your Constant Contact list.  This integration currently allows you to capture first name, last name and email fields only.  If you are looking for the ability to capture all of your custom fields and are able to write some code, you can post extra data to Constant Contact using a WebHook.

Setting up a Constant Contact Integration

  1. Navigate to your page overview screen while logged-in to Unbounce
  2. In the "Leads & Form Integrations" section at the bottom, select "Send to Constant Contact":

    Screen shot 2012-08-27 at 2.46.20 PM.png

  3. If you haven't authenticated Unbounce with Constant Contact before, you'll be presented with a Constant Contact login screen. Unbounce never sees your login details here, so there's nothing to worry about!


  4. Next, you'll need to confirm the set up.  Choose 'Grant Access' to finalize the integration.
  5. If your authentication is successful, you'll be presented with all of your Constant Contact lists.

    Select the list you'd like your new leads to forward to, choose whether or not you want new leads to be sent a welcome email (that can be edited in Constant Contact), then hit 'Complete':


  6. You should now see a blue check mark next to 'Send to Constant Contact' under Leads & Form Integrations that lets you know the leads from this page are being forwarded properly.

That's it, you're all set!

Once your account is integrated, you're ready to start capturing the name and email of leads on your Unbounce page.


If you are experiencing difficulties with your Constant Contact integration, you can send us an email to support@unbounce.com