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Release Notes - October 22, 2012

Tynan Rollo
posted this on October 22, 2012 11:27 AM

As we come closer and closer to that night where things go bump in the night we have been hard at work making Unbounce a robust zombie fighting machine! Curious about how we've been doing that this past week? Well, then read on!

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where users would sometimes receive multiple emails when changing their add-ons
  • The 'Name' field can now be properly field-mapped for Campaign Monitor integrations
  • Salesforce integrations that fail due to the Salesforce user not having the "ModifyAllData" permission now give an informative message
  • Corrected an issue with the "FirstName" field for Salesforce integrations
  • Grandfathered users can now more easily upgrade to the newer plans
  • Improved the screen transitions when integrating with Constant Contact
  • Updated the sidebar wording, removing any reference the "Next Unbounce"
  • On the Account Overview page we now suggest a default account name if one hasn't been specified
  • Unbouncepages.com now blocks all known crawlers
  • Added more useful error messages when creating a new page with an invalid page name
  • Updated the text of the Unbounce tour
  • Improved our form submission handling
  • Administrators and Account Owners can now delete custom domains using the Account Management screen