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Integrating With MailChimp

Carter Gilchrist
posted this on October 25, 2010, 7:09 PM


What you’ll need to get started:

  • An Unbounce account
  • A lead-gen landing page to collect your new subscriber’s email addresses
  • A MailChimp account
  • An email list where you’ll send your new subscribers


Integrating MailChimp with Your Unbounce Landing Page

  1. Navigate to the Page Overview for the page you wish to integrate with Mailchimp
  2. Click Mailchimp under Leads & Form Integrations on the lower right of the page (you may have to scroll down).
  3. Click Connect with MailChimp, or use your MailChimp API Key if you have it handy.
  4. Log In to MailChimp to connect your Unbounce landing page with MailChimp.
  5. Select the Mailchimp List you want the lead added to; and
  6. Select a followup for New Leads between Confirmation Email, Welcome Email, or configuring an auto-responder manually in MailChimp
  7. If your list has groups then you can select which groups new leads will be added to (learn more about using MailChimp Groups with Unbounce).
    • NOTE: Selecting Overwrite Existing Groups will overwrite any previous group selections for existing leads.

That's it, you're all set!

Once your account is integrated, you are ready to start capturing the email of leads on your Unbounce page.


What Unbounce will send to MailChimp:

All leads sent from Unbounce to Mailchimp will contain some basic information
  • Email - The email address of the lead; collected from the form submission.
  • Unbounce Page ID - This is a unique identifier for your Unbounce Landing Page
  • Unbounce Page Variant - This is the letter that identifies which variant your leads have originated from.
  • Unbounce Submission Date - The date Unbounce received the lead.
You can send any information you collect on your landing page to MailChimp using Field Mapping in Unbounce.
Passing all that data means you can segment your list in MailChimp however you choose!


Testing your Integration

Now that everything is setup we highly encourage you to test it out and make sure everything is working as you expect it. Publish your page, submit a form, and check that the new lead shows up in Mailchimp (can take up to a couple minutes).

Once you’ve tested everything out you can click Reset Stats so that your conversion rate isn’t affected by the tests.

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