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1.07 Forms: Fields

Jason Murphy
posted this on November 26, 2010, 1:54 PM

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Adding and Editing Forms

  1. Double click on the form fields to edit an existing form


  1. Drag and drop the Form Widget from the Widget Panel on the left to add a new form
  2. Select fields from the custom and pre-defined fields on the left of the Form Designer
  3. Click fields to edit
    • Field-specific options will appear on the right of the Form Designer
    • Move fields up and down using the directional buttons below the field in the Form Designer
    • Delete fields with the red button below the field in the Form Designer
  4. Click Done once you're happy with the Form


Note: only 1 form is allowed per landing page.


Form Properties 

Single click the form fields and you'll see the Form Properties on the right of the Page Builder.


Manually adjust size and position.

Form Confirmation

See our next section.

Label Attributes

Adjust alignment, and font face, colour, and size.

Field Attributes

Adjust field height, spacing between, and internal font size. You can also select the field border, - including corner radius - background and text colors as well as turning on or off an inner shadow.

Checkbox & Radio Button Attributes

If you've added checkboxes or radio buttons you can adjust font face, color, and size.


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