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How can I add placeholder (hint) text to form fields?

Carter Gilchrist January 24, 2011 Latest comment 24


How do I add a lightbox style window (for privacy policy, rules, terms etc.)?

Oli Gardner November 19, 2010 Latest comment 61


How can I add a calendar 'date picker' to my form?

Carter Gilchrist November 21, 2011 Latest comment 26


How can I make a background image stretch/scale the full page or section?

Carter Gilchrist March 24, 2011 Latest comment 21


What is "Include 'viewport' meta tag for mobile"?

Tynan Rollo June 27, 2013 Latest comment 45


How do I capture referrer data in my lead-gen form?

Carter Gilchrist April 11, 2011 Latest comment 9


How do I use my own favicon on my landing pages?

Carter Gilchrist September 07, 2010 Latest comment 23


How do I get a button link to open another page in a lightbox?

Jeff Bunn June 13, 2013 Latest comment 26


How do I add smooth scrolling links (and buttons)?

Ryan Engley July 20, 2012 Latest comment 23


How can I use Google Fonts on my landing page?

Ryan Engley July 21, 2011 Latest comment 29


How can I add a lightbox style window (for image previews)?

Ryan Engley September 06, 2011 Latest comment 27


How do I remove the underline from text links?

Ryan Engley March 14, 2012


How do I automatically focus the first field of a form?

Carter Gilchrist May 17, 2011 Latest comment 1

How can I send unbranded email notifications of new leads to my clients?

Aaron Oman September 28, 2011 Latest comment 6


How do I display form values in my confirmation dialog?

Carter Gilchrist February 16, 2012